How strong is Aqualux?
Aqualux Pool Finish is the only pool finish which has been specifically engineering as a pool finish.
Aqualux is capable of stretching over 200% without tearing as can be seen in this photo where a 4WD has been driven onto a piece of Aqualux and lifted 1m into the air!

What is the life expectancy of a vinyl liner?
The average life is around 20-25 years.  We have however seen liners still in workable condition at 20 years old.  It is all dependant on how well you look after it & don’t torture it with chemical abuse or faulty cleaning gear.

Can I put another finish in my vinyl pool?
Some pools are made for vinyl only – end of story.   Vinyl pools are generally installed in ground where there is movement.  The vinyl liner is a flexible membrane that moves with any ground movement.  A rigid finish will crack & leak & possibly give you years of headaches & expense.

There are some companies around who will advise that you can put a fibreglass finish in it or perhaps even a pebble type.   We have recently put a liner back into a school pool which only a couple of years earlier had been fibreglassed by another company.  It failed!

We have since put another vinyl liner into that school pool.

What colours & patterns are available?
This season’s Aqualux colour range of offers a choice of 15 colours and patterns. We have vinyl swatches you can look at, and even sit inside your pool.  Always consider your own pool environment when making a selection.

Aqualux liners have a 10 year pro rata warranty.

Pool Cleaners – what can I use with vinyl:
There are many automatic cleaners that are recommended for use in a vinyl pool – we however recommend the following 2 – because we have used them & been happy with their performance & maintenance.

Suction Cleaner:  We recommend “The Pool Cleaner” by Lincoln Leisure (2 wheel version) for us this was the most hassle free & gentle suction cleaner that we have used for a long time.  Not only did it do a good job on cleaning the pool, but maintenance on the unit was minimal.

Robotic Cleaner:  We recommend the “KBot RX1” by Kreepy Krauly (floor & cove only)  this is the cleaner we currently use.  We did not think it was possible to have a robotic cleaner that was gentle enough on a vinyl interior – we have seen some horrendous “injuries” caused from robotics!  After visiting Albatross Pools in Melbourne in 2015, we were ecstatic to say we found a fantastic, gentle robot for vinyl.  The only downfall we have found (as with most robotic cleaners) is that bringing them to the surface full of water – they are a bit heavy.  Apart from that we can’t fault this unit – we throw it in our pool for its 3.5 hour cycle once a week & that’s it!