Albatross Liner & Step Extension

Albatross Pool with the old liner

This is one of the most unusual shaped Albatross’ that we have seen and in need of a facelift

Removing the old liner

And the fun begins – what are we going to find under the old liner?

Albatross Pool with old liner removed

This Albatross would have to be in the best condition of any we have seen for a long time. An ionizer had been used for most of the pools life.

Albatross Stepout being extended

Stepout taking shape

Extending the Stepout

The original step turned out to be hollow – when extending the step you must take care to not overload the pool shell with too much weight.

Stepout Complete

Drilled, pinned, welded, stuffed & concreted….the step is now ready for covering.

Albatross Liner Replacement

The new Abgal Pacific liner being rolled out into place.

Albatross Replacement Liner

Beginning to hang the liner in place.

Albatross Liner Replacement

The liner vacuuming into place.

Albatross Liner Replacement

Final touches

New stepout covered with vinyl

Like a glove

Albatross Liner Replacement

New Pacific Liner ready for summer!

Albatross Pool Drained

Albatross Pool half prepped for new liner

Albatross Pool ready for new vinyl liner

Abgal Aqualux Bahama Vinyl Liner

Liner laid out & ready for installation

Vinyl Liner vacuumed into place & filling

Abgal Aqualux Bahama Liner nearly full

Abgal Aqualux Bahama Vinyl Liner

Installation complete