Welcome to our very first blog!

If there is anything anyone would like to know or ask about on any topic on pools whether they are vinyl or not please ask……Keith has quite a vast knowledge of all pools after being in the industry for so many years.  For our first blog I thought we’d start with the question we are asked frequently.

Can I put another interior in my vinyl liner pool………….?

OMG…….we have this question asked so many times – and rightly so.

The scary thing is we generally say no, depending on the pool, only to be told that other companies have quoted them to put in another interior!  It might be pebblecrete, quartzon or fibreglass – there are numerous options out there these days.

After hearing this so many times from customers I decided to do a bit of homework to see what other companies out there are doing – and may i say it is just unbelievable.  What i managed to find is companies with pictures up on their websites with photos of step by step replacement of the interiors

Step 1 – fill in any cracks…

While this sounds fine and feasible…..looking at the photos the “cracks” are actually completely vertical wall joints of the concrete panels of a panel pool.  These panels were precast concrete 25-30mm thick with fibre steel – which is just like little “pins” of steel mixed through the concrete.  In the early days of installing these pools, some installers didn’t put concrete behind the panels – only sand.  Now put a rigid finish interior in the pool instead of a flexible vinyl and you are bound to have problems because they were never intended for another type of interior.

Some pools are made for vinyl only – end of story.   Vinyl pools are generally installed in ground where there is movement.  The vinyl liner is a flexible membrane that moves with any ground movement.  A rigid finish will crack & leak & possibly give you years of headaches & expense – and in the end you’ll probably have to put a liner back into it!

There are some liner pools that are suited to other interiors, they are generally a sprayed concrete shell. Whenever we find a pool shell that is suited to another interior we tell the customer, even though we don’t install any other interiors…….now I wonder how many other companies do the same and say “no you really shouldn’t put anything but vinyl in it”……I’m guessing not too many because they would be giving work away!

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