Well the weather has only just started to warm up & already we have had 2 inquiries from customers that are having major problems with leakage – one pool has been “resurfaced” with marble & the other pebble and both of these pools are panel pools (Pool Fab & Tracey Wickham).

It really is criminal that companies out their are making a quick buck and knowingly walking away and leaving customers stranded with a leaking pool.

If you are unsure of what interior you can put in your pool, we are happy to advise you which way/ways you can go and we will be honest with you -and we are always happy to answer an email from you.

The job we have recently completed at Bokissa Island Resort Vanuatu was infact a marble pool conversion gone wrong…..and the company who originally did the job are a well known Brisbane company.

Buyers beware this summer of the sharks both in the water & out!

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