Different to concrete & fibreglass pools – made for fun, built to last.

Pre-engineered swimming pools were introduced into the Australian market nearly 50 years ago, and currently make up over 85% of the pool market in the USA & Canada.

So why are pre-engineered pools so popular?  Durability.  Pre-engineered pools can be built to any size & any shape to suit your personal requirements.  A pre-engineered pool can absorb ground movement, and will not crack & break which is typical of pools that are built in volatile soil conditions.

Pre-engineered swimming pools can be found all across Australia, including many school pools.

There have been many exciting developments over the years with the pre-engineered pool system within Australia, but none as revolutionary as the new Albatross Pools stainless steel system.

Albatross have been building pools in Australia for close to 50 years.  There are thousands of happy Albatross Pool owners throughout Australia, with 15,000+ in Victoria alone.

Using the Albatross Pool System, your new pool structure is built onsite in only a few days.  The modular panels are manufactured in Melbourne and delivered to site.  The modular panels are bolted to gether & the pipework

for the plumbing and lights all put in place.  The floor is reinforced with steel mesh prior to pouring the concrete.

The pool can then be measured for the new Aqualux PVC interior which is manufactured locally at Crestmead Qld.  The new interior is then vacuum fitted to the pool shell and filled with water.  You can literally be swimming within a few weeks – weather permitting of course.

The strength of the pool walls means it can be built out of ground up to 700mm without additional reinforcing.

This makes the system very cost effective for sloping ground or even rocky areas, where concrete pools would require additional reinforcing that can often blow out the budget.

The benefits of the Albatross Pool System are enormous.

  • 20 year structural warranty & 10 year interior warranty for total peace of mind, backed by 2 companies who have both been in the Australian pool industry for nearly 50 years each.
  • Can be manufactured to nearly any shape and size to suit your design requirements
  • Can be custom designed to include steps, benches & lights
  • Commercial quality interior which is built to last
  • Suitable for volatile soil conditions
  • Easily cleaned
  • Won’t crack, peel or flake
  • No effect on pool chemicals – Aqualux is chemically inert
  • UV treated
  • Resistant to algae
  • Large range of colours / patterns
  • Easily replaced
  • Cost effective –  chemicals and running costs
  • Insurable – Aqualux is the only insurable pool interior on the market

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